Causal Claims

Welcome to the SemEval-2023 Task 8

Causal Claims Identification and PIO Frame Extraction

The 17th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation


Identification and automatic verification of medical claims from unstructured user-generated text data is an onerous but essential step for various decision-making processes. Some day-to-day tasks that can benefit from automatic claim identification are content moderation, insurance claim identification, and hypothesis generation from clinical notes.

Towards building this capability and motivating further research in this direction, we propose the following shared subtasks.

Task description:

SemEval-2023 task 8 consists of two two sub-tasks. Subtask 1 focuses on the identification of causal claims, experience, etc. in a provided multi (or single) sentence text snippet and subtask 2 focuses on the extraction of the PIO frame related to identified causal claim in the provided text snippet. More details on each subtask are provided below.

Subtask 1: Causal claim identification:

For the provided snippet of text, the first subtask aims to identify the span of text that is either a claim, experience, experience_based_claim or a question. These four categories can be defined as follow:

Participants can work on it at sentence level and try to classify sentences in one of the given classes but many times claim (or other class) is just a part of the sentence. But this maybe only a baseline as in many examples only a part of sentence is annotated as one of these category. Please check the image below for more clarity.


Subtask 2: PIO frame extraction:

In this subtask, for a given multi (or single) sentence text snippet and identified claim in that snippet, the task is to extract related Population (P), Intervention (I), and Outcome (O) frame. While it is rare, it may be the case that there is more than one claim in any given post. In that case, we want to identify PIO elements for a given claim. This can be framed as a sequence tagging task.


Dataset details:

We are currently providing a sample dataset and will be releasing the full training data soon. Our dataset is built from Reddit posts and to respect the users' privacy we are not releasing the dataset directly. Instead, we are only providing Reddit post ids, annotations, and a script. Participants can use the script to obtain the data and merge it with the provided annotations. If users choose to delete their post, the script won't be able to get it.

Sample dataset

For this task, we are providing reddit post ids, our annotations and a script to obtain the datset from reddit. Please go through following link to obtain the dataset:

The dataset provided here is same as the dataset in Codalab page but participants will need to register to access the competition leatherboard.

CodaLab competition details:

Visit our Codalab website for detailed instruction. The main task along with evalution leatherboard will be hosted on codaLab. Each participant will need to sign in and register for the task.


We started the submission in January 2023 and participants used our CodaLab task page.


Note on Evaluations: We required test files for both submissions to be labelled at the token ("word") level since our annotations were effectively text spans for stage-1 and individual tokens for stage-2. For stage-1, we evaluated macro-averaged F-1 scores across five classes - claims, personal experiences, claims based on personal experiences, questions, and other. These classes were evaluated at the sentence level as opposed to exact spans/tokens since differences in annotated spans often depend on differences in where annotators (and consequently, your trained models) decide to mark span boundaries, and sentences covering those spans can reasonably be inferred to belonging to a given/same class. For stage-2 i.e. PIO tagging, we evaluate at the token-level individually (effectively treating it as an entity-tagging task) for populations, interventions, and outcome. We provide independent metrics (F-1) across these three classes since a majority of tokens in any reddit post do not belong to either of these classes (hence, making this classification substantially more difficult).

We will reach out to you only if ALL of your test file submissions failed in their entirety (due to formatting issues or otherwise), and we were unable to fix them. So as long as at least one of your submitted test files passed formatting checks, they have been accounted for.

Note on Test-File Names & Additional Metrics: We received an average of 7 test submissions per participant. Most of you submitted multiple test files (CSVs) with the same name, so in case you wish to know metrics specific to a test submission (either for your writing, or otherwise), please reach to us with the date/time/name of the submission (from Codalab) and we will do our best to provide you with additional details.

SubTask-1 / Stage-1

Team UserId
(From Codalab)
P R F-1
MaChAmp robvanderg 78.14 78.65 78.40
NCUEE-NLP yhcheng_ncu, jenhaoyang, lhlee (NCUEE-NLP) 72.97 67.36 70.05
MasonNLP gramacha 71.16 65.78 68.59
HEVS-TUW wojciechkusa 68.73 62.90 65.70
--- anthonyhughes 70.24 58.37 63.76
CAISA aka 60.68 55.71 58.09
Togedemaru dinosaph 34.93 31.14 32.93

SubTask-2 / Stage-2

Team UserId
(From Codalab)
MaChAmp robvanderg 40.55 49.71 30.08
NCUEE-NLP yhcheng_ncu, jenhaoyang, lhlee (NCUEE-NLP) 37.78 43.58 30.67
MasonNLP gramacha 34.96 42.16 20.83
--- anthonyhughes 32.22 41.29 23.75
HEVS-TUW wojciechkusa 17.44 26.39 22.78
CAISA aka 17.67 21.05 20.31

Note: All participants are required to submit a system paper.


Semeval-2023 Task 8 - Paper.

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Important dates for task participants

All deadlines are 23:59 UTC-12 ("anywhere on Earth").


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SemEval highly values the open exchange of ideas, freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate. We support and uphold the ACL Anti-Harassment policy. Participants are encouraged to send any concerns or questions to the Professional Conduct Committee, Priscilla Rasmussen and/or the workshop organizers.